Dental Issues

This page is structured a little different than other pages. In looking at dental issues, it became apparent that there was a significant divide between traditional dentists and integrative/holistic/biological dentists regarding the root canals and dental cavitations. Most online content identifying root canals and dental cavitations as problems comes from integrative/holistic/biological dentists sites, which isn’t the type of sources used on this site.

Rather than providing information, then, this page tries to provide some perspective on dental issues, including a personal narrative and a YouTube video from naturopathic practitioner Dawn Ewing, which provides an overview of the arguments to treat root canals and dental cavitations.


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  4. YouTube Video: “Root Canals, Cavitations and Other Oral Obstacles to Optimal Health,” Dawn Ewing, PhD, DNM. YouTube, 2012, (Click Here).

Topics to be added:

  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Mercury Fillings
  • Gum Disease