Dental Issues

This page is structured a little differently than other pages. In looking at dental issues, it became apparent that there was a significant divide between traditional dentists and integrative/holistic/biological dentists regarding the health impact of root canals and dental cavitations–and very little discussion about the relevant issues in the main stream media. Most online content identifying root canals, dental cavitations and fluoride as problems comes from integrative/holistic/biological dentists sites,while most online content dismissing these issues comes from traditional dentists and trade groups, which isn’t generally the type of sources used on this site.

Rather than just providing articles from main stream media, this page tries to also provide some resources for perspective on dental issues, including a personal narrative, a link to a tooth meridian chart from a biological dentist and several YouTube videos addressing issues with root canals.


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  2. Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart, Judson Wall, DDS,, (Click Here).
  3. YouTube Video: Dominik Nischwitz, DDS “Are Root Canals Harmful in the Long Run?” (Click Here).
  4. YouTube Video: Joseph Mercola, DO “Root Canals are Extremely Toxic” (Click Here)
  5. Root Cause Netflix Documentary: Let’s Review the Science,” Spring Hatfield, RDH, BSPH. Today’s RDH, January 16, 2019, (Click Here).


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